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Last Updated: Tuesday April 29 2008 04:50 GMT

In pictures: Kids talk about terrorism

Jamie, 10

You told us you worry about terrorism, which is when people use violence to force others do something, usually political. Jamie, 10, said he worried after the Glasgow Airport attack.

Ross, 10

Ross, 10, had been going on holiday on that day and was delayed at the airport. "It worries me that people might get hurt or die and it could happen any time."

Rita, 10

Rita, 10, flies to see family in Portugal a lot and worries about terrorist attacks. "I just don't think it's right because they're killing innocent people just because of politics."

Orla, 10

Orla, 10, doesn't worry about herself, but about a friend. "She goes to school a long way away and uses the Tube every day and I'm quite worried for her."

Febe, 10

Febe, 10, said it made her upset to think about families losing loved ones. "It's not nice that these people have brought sadness and pain into families for no reason."

Larry, 9

Larry, 9, said he was worried after a terrorist bomb attack in London in 2005 which killed lots of people, but now it's not as much of a big worry for him.

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