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Last Updated: Friday April 25 2008 14:37 GMT

Kids fight for dog microchip law

Stray dog

More and more owners are getting their pets microchipped, but school kids in Norfolk want it to be made law for all dogs to be fitted with the devices.

They think the tagging would mean more stray dogs are reunited with their owners, instead of being put to sleep.

The electronic tags are about the size of a grain of rice, and are put under an animal's skin without hurting it.

Then, if the animals goes missing, whoever finds it can have it scanned and find out who it belongs too.

Once an animal is microchipped it has its own code number which is put into a huge computer alongside its owner's details.

More about microchips:
They're fitted a bit like an injection
They don't hurt the animal
Once in, they can't move or be seen
They cost around 20
They can be used on most animals
Then, when a lost animal is found, vets, dog wardens and other animal groups can use a special scanner to discover who it belongs to.

And it's not just dogs that can be microchipped, but other animals like horses and cats can too.

Over the last five years, 450,000 animals have been microchipped in the UK.