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Last Updated: Friday April 25 2008 12:07 GMT

Kids cross wild river for school

children crossing the rivier

Children in Colombia in South America are facing a dangerous journey across a raging river to get to school and then back home again.

The bridge collapsed 12 years ago so the kids have to wade or swim with their school stuff above their heads as the water rushes round them.

There is a ferry across the River Teutan, but most pupils can't afford to pay for it.

The kids set off from Ortega at 5am to get to school when it starts at 5.45am.

Pupil Ana Sofia said: "Sometimes we have to walk an hour to cross the river and we have to cross streams and all that, and sometimes we get scratched, we fall."

The older children often help the younger ones to get across the river safely.

Local officials are saving for a new bridge but so far they've only got half the money they need.