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Last Updated: Wednesday April 30 2008 05:38 GMT

In pictures: Ellie tries out airbrushing

Newsround's Ellie

You're probably used to celebs and models always looking glam in magazines, but as Ellie's been finding out, that's not necessarily how they look in real life.

The transformation begins by ditching the studio background

Lots of pics are airbrushed on computers to get rid of spots and wrinkles, change the model's hair colour or, as in this picture, even change the background.

Ellie with blue eyes

Ellie gave her photo to an airbrushing expert to see what could be done. The transformation started with ditching the studio background, and weren't her eyes brown before?


Check out that red hair! But can you spot any differences between these pics? Look really hard and you'll see a mark on Ellie's shoulder has gone and her eyes and teeth are whiter!


Next for a new background, and suddenly Ellie looks like she's been transported into a computer game!

Ellie's computerised new look

Finally, a tweak or two to the colours... and that's it!

Ellie before and after

If you didn't know what Ellie really looked like, would you have believed the pic on the right?

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