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Last Updated: Monday April 28 2008 05:16 GMT

Do celebs get paid too much?

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, Rugby star Gavin Henson and singer Charlotte Church, Rupert Grint

If you think your piggy bank is getting pretty full, check out how much these celebs have got in the bank!

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe has 20m, while co-stars Rupert Grint has a nice 7m and Emma Watson has 10m.

Musician Amy Winehouse has also got a tidy fortune of 10m, pop star Charlotte Church and rugby playing boyfriend Gavin Henson have 11m between them and newcomer Leona Lewis has 6m in the bank, according to a newspaper's rich list.

So what do you think about the cash that these celebs have notched up?

Do you think they deserve the mega money or do you think they get too much?

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Your comments

"I think actors don't get paid too much because they spend most of their time rehearsing and making films exiting for us to watch, also they don't spend much time with their family."

Lauren, 12, Pontefract, England

"I think that celebs definitely get paid way too much, it's not like they actually do something that no-one else can do, they just do it on stage or the television. I think footballers get paid too much too!"

Louise, 11, Lancaster, England

"People out there are DYING because they don't have enough money and these people are getting paid millions of pounds every week to act, sing, kick a ball etc, whereas people such as doctors are saving OUR lives."

Leanne, 13, England

"They should get money but I think that amount is extreme."

Amy, 10, West Midlands, England

"Half the people who are complaining about how much celebs get paid have probably seen their films, watched their sports matches, downloaded their songs. They only get paid what the demand is for them."

Dave, 10, London, England

"I think stars are being paid way to much, and I think all of the money they get should go to nurses or charities to help save peoples' lives."

Molly, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"Celebs are no different to us so why should they get paid more?!"

Rosie, 11, Essex, England

"I think they get paid too much. Yes, they work quite a few hours a day but so do some of us and it'd take us years to get that much. I think sometimes (actually, most of the time!) the normal world gets too centred on the celebrity world."

Ellie, 12, West Yorkshire, England

"People in poor countries do much more hard work then celebrities and celebrities get paid hundreds of times more than those people."

Rhianna, 13, London, England

"I think actors get paid the right amount as they provide the films and DVDs we like to watch but I think football players can get paid too much and other sports players. Even people who play for the two teams I support like Man United and Liverpool. I think hospital staff and drivers should get paid more than they do, as they have to save lives."

Rosa, 12, Derbyshire, England

"I think that lots of people just try to make their name big for the money and publicity, though to be fair, some celebrities genuinely believe in what they are doing, such as Rupert Grint!"

Olivia, 11, Suffolk, England

"My step dad works in the fire brigade and he only gets paid a tiny amount compared to movie stars! He saves lives, and all actors and actresses do is entertain us."

Rachael, 12, Sussex, England

"They get way too much, and they don't use it! I think they should at least give half to charity or poor countries!"

Bethany, 12, Argyll, Scotland

"They are definitely getting paid too much. Only a few celebs should get what they are being paid because they give a lot to charity. People who save lives such as nurses, doctors and paramedics should get paid more."

Sarah, 13, Scotland

"All they do is act or sing. People who actually help are soldiers, doctors, nurses, social workers, police officers, firemen, teachers, scientists etc. The money celebrities have can be used to help poor people."

Rabzz, 14, Dubai

" I think it's so unfair when there are people who work really hard, and then celebs are having millions for things that are fun! We also hear of people in poor families that are not having a meal everyday, and celebrities are just relaxing!"

Jacob, 14, Kent, England

"I think celebrities should get paid as much as everyone else because they are only human."

Laurie, 10, East Sussex, England

"I think that celebrities get paid way too much. Just because they're lucky enough to get their talents noticed doesn't mean they should earn so much. Yes, they should get paid but why is acting any different from slaving away in an office, apart from the obvious physical variant. I think it's so unfair, where's the equality in that?"

Jennifer, 12, Aylesbury, England

"I think they do not get paid too much because they work for the money they get!"

Danielle, 11, London, England

"I think celebs get paid the right amount. Some of them don't but actors like the Harry Potter stars actually worked for it and they can't help getting paid so much because they were so young when they got the roles."

Annabel, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"I think celebs do get paid too much, all they do is sing or act. I don't get paid for singing or acting in my school's drama club plays!"

Olivia, 10, Harrogate, England

"I think celebrities should get paid because they have a load of talent and we should reward them with money."

Mollie, 10, Oxfordshire, England

"I think celebs have way too much money. People like brain surgeons who save lives should get more money than people who just entertain!"

Sarah, 11, Romsey, England

"I think celebrities deserve the money they get because they've worked for it, but I think they could maybe give a little to charity or something because they have so much."

Eric, 12, Leeds, England

"They should use the money for a better use, like helping the poor people around the world."

Rabiat, 11, Cumbria, England

"I think that they deserve to get that much money because it is hard if you are a film star to act out in front of so many people."

Claudia, 10, Slough, England

"Celebs do get paid too much because all they do is sing, dance or even act. We can all do that if we try. I think they should be paid a normal amount."

Rhianne, 13, London, England

"It is not fair that celebs get paid more than normal, hard-working people who do work harder and do deserve to get paid more than celebrities do. We should spend more money on making the world a better and healthier place, instead of giving money away to celebs who have done nothing to earn it except from being well-known and famous. Also celebrities do not need the money, but emergency services and schools and people in Africa etc. do need this money. I think the money which is given to celebrities should be used on more important things."

Lucy, 11, Cornwall, England

"I think celebs are paid for the reason that they are famous. Most of the time they deserve it because of their talent."

Laura, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I think celebs get far too much for what they do. For instance, footballers get paid far too much for just kicking a ball around a field because anyone could do that."

Chloe, 11, Swindon, England

"Well I don't agree that anyone can just act, it does take hard work and persistence. However, I do feel that 'celebrities' who have just got fame don't deserve that much, and more money should be going to those who really deserve it through hard work (like the emergency services!)"

Madalena, 13, Cheltenham, England

"Why do they get so much money? All they're doing is reading pieces of paper and waddling about!"

Maurice, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"I think celebs get paid too much just because they are celebs! I mean everybody is the same except they are just spoilt and get paid too much!"

Callum, 11, Leeds, England

"I think celebrities do get paid too much, and they buy things they don't need. How will they spend something like 20m? And they're still earning more! But if they DO spend it, it's on something for show. They do a great job and should be paid a little more than average, but that money could go to a better cause."

Maz, 12, Northern Ireland

"I think that most of them do get paid too much but it's not even like it's fair for all celebs. Men footballers get paid WAY too much but women footballers don't get paid at all."

Annie, 14, Oxfordshire, England

"The amount of money they receive has never been justified. When you compare their wages to a nurse or social worker who are actually helping mankind, it's ridiculous, they just receive more because they are in the public eye."

Ellie, 15, London, England

"Some do get paid too much. Ronaldo does not get paid too much, he works hard and scores goals. He is worth the money."

Eric, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"People who have talent should have money because it's what they deserve."

Tatum, 9, Essex, England

"I think they get paid way too much, nobody should be allowed to have so much money. 20m is too much for only one person, I think that this money could be given to poor countries that really need it and not just to some celebs who don't really do anything."

Alex, 14, Zurich, Switzerland

"I think they should get a little bit more than average people because they have to go in front of millions of people but I think they do get paid too much."

Aisling, 10, Galway, Ireland

"Celebrities get paid far too much. They don't really contribute to society in comparison to teachers, doctors, firemen etc."

Mi, 13, Lincoln, England

"Yes, they get paid far too much, it is ridiculous!"

Thomas, 11, London, England

"I think they do get paid too much, the armed forces should get paid more because they are protecting the countries."

Ali, 12, Yorkshire, England

"Yes and no. Yes because they could give a lot of that money to poor people in Africa and other poor countries. Also, no because they use a lot of time and they work very hard for it to learn their lines."

Menai, 10, Bangor, Wales

"Yeah they get paid too much because they are big and famous and our mums and dads don't get paid enough. My mum gets paid 80 pounds a week to buy shopping and buy new clothes."

Leviloo, 10, Reading, England

"Yes I think celebs get paid way too much, especially footballers, when people like doctors who save lives, hardly get paid anything compared to footballers. It's outrageous, and very wrong!"

Alice, 14, Worcester, England

"Yes, they do get paid too much. The emergency services should be the superstars - they save lives. Celebrities are just like us. We can all sing, dance, and act."

Zara, 12, West Sussex, England

"I think they deserve a big wage because they are superstars (especially Daniel Radcliffe!)"

Shannon, 11, Stirling, Scotland

"They have too much money and all they do is sing or act, we can also do that."

Luke, 12, Merseyside, England

"I think if they work hard for their money then yes they deserve it, but if they just win it by fame then maybe not."

Hannah, 14, England

"No, stars don't get paid too much, they work very hard."

Connor, 14, Manchester, England

"Celebrities DEFINITELY get paid too much. They should get paid a normal wage and people in the emergency services and people who have difficult jobs and earn their money should get a bigger salary."

Ellie, 15, Leeds, England