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Last Updated: Thursday April 24 2008 15:55 GMT

Men hurt during Bond filming

The Bond set by Lake Garda, Italy

Filming on the latest Bond film has been disrupted after a stuntman was badly hurt during a car chase scene.

Officials said two stuntmen were hurt when their car crashed on a winding, lakeside road during the last day of filming in Lake Garda, northern Italy.

One escaped with minor injuries, but the other suffered serious head wounds.

It's the second accident to hit filming of Quantum of Solace in less than a week. On Saturday, an Aston Martin car had to be fished out of Lake Garda.

The car went off the road and plunged into the water as it was being driven to the set.

Quantum of Solace is the 22nd Bond film and is due for release later this year.

The name of the film was taken from a short story written by Bond's creator Ian Fleming, which was first published in 1960.