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Last Updated: Thursday April 24 2008 15:17 GMT

Kids could be banned from sunbeds


Kids could be banned from using sunbeds in England and Scotland because of fears they can be bad for your skin.

Research shows that young people could be more likely to develop skin cancer if they use the electric sunbeds.

But a survey by the magazine Which? showed that 170,000 under 16s across the UK may have used them.

Health experts are considering stopping all under 18s using them, as part of plans to cut the number of people getting skin cancer.

In Scotland, politicians could approve new rules to ban under 18s from sunbeds in six weeks' time, according to newspaper reports.

Kieron was burnt by a sunbed
Kieron was burnt by a sunbed
Earlier this month, 13-year-old Kieron Saunders from South Wales got seriosly burnt after visiting a tanning salon three times a day.

What happened to him was very rare, but it does show the damage that sunbeds can do to you.

There are also proposals to change the way sunbed salons are run.

At the moment, people can walk into some salons and use coin-operated sunbeds.


But under the new rules, salons would have to be monitored by staff at all times.

The Sunbed Association is in favour of a ban for under 16s, but claims there's no scientific reason for a ban for 17 and 18-year-olds.