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Last Updated: Wednesday April 23 2008 16:41 GMT

In pics: YOUR views on teachers' strike

Isabel, 11

So what's your view on the strike? Isabel is upset: "I don't think the strike is a good idea. I especially love Thursdays as we have indoor PE which is dancing and I love dancing!"

Tosin, 11

Tosin, 11, has mixed feelings: "It's good on one hand because we get to play football and on the PlayStation and things like that but it's bad as children are missing out on their learning."

Michael, 11

Michael, 11, is pleased about the strike. "I think the strike is a good idea. It will allow us to catch up with our friends and the teachers deserve a bit more money."

Shivani, 10

Shivani, 10, thinks the day off is good too: "I think it's great that the teachers are going on strike. I get a day off and I might go to my friend's house."

Keshav, 11

Keshav, 11, is happy: "The strike is good. It's good to get a day off once in a while to play with your mates in the park and then I will go to football training early."