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Last Updated: Wednesday April 23 2008 07:49 GMT

Call to party on St George's Day

People celebrating St George's day in London

Flags are flying and events are being held across the country to get people celebrating St George's Day.

But the group which looks after historical buildings says lots of people don't even know that 23 April is the English patron saint's day.

English Heritage says more people in England celebrate Bonfire Night, and even Ireland's St Patrick's day!

The group's launched a guide on how to party, to get more people celebrating the English saint's special day.

Meanwhile, St George's flag is being flown over Downing Street, and the Prime Minister is encouraging all government buildings across the UK to do the same.

St George's flag
St George's flag is being flown at Downing St
The move follows a review of flag flying in Britain, and Gordon Brown has said that in future, Number 10 will also fly the Scottish and Welsh flags on their patron saints' days.

But as Northern Ireland does not have an official national flag, one will not be flown on St Patrick's Day.