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Last Updated: Tuesday April 22 2008 14:39 GMT

School meals hit by rising prices

Children eating school dinners

Plans to make your school meals healthier have hit a big hurdle, because of rising food prices.

The cost of ingredients like wheat and rice have shot up, making things like bread and cheese more expensive.

People in poorer countries around the world are being hit the hardest, and there have been riots in some places.

The main reason is there are just too many mouths in the world to feed, but things like environmental issues are making the problem worse.

Kids in Britain may not notice any difference yet, but as food prices rise, it'll get harder for schools to make healthy meals.

The price of families' weekly food shopping is likely to go up, making it harder for people to afford other things.

Protesters in Haiti on 8 April
There have been riots in the Caribbean country of Haiti
At the moment, there are more than six-and-a-half billion people in the world, but that number is expected to reach nine billion by 2050.

Countries like China and India are getting richer, so people there can afford to buy more food, meaning there's less food to go around.

Meanwhile, more floods and droughts are hitting harvests, and some countries are using land to grow plants to make fuels, called biofuels, instead of food.

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