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Last Updated: Tuesday April 22 2008 11:36 GMT

Massive wind farm plans rejected

Wind turbines

Plans to build one of the biggest wind farms in Europe have been rejected by the Scottish government.

It said putting 181 giant turbines on the Isle of Lewis would have a serious impact on the local wildlife.

The local authority had said yes to the scheme by Lewis Wind Power (LWP), but then more than 11,000 people said they objected to the plans.

LWP said it was "bitterly disappointed" as it claimed the farm would have created hundreds of jobs.

Map showing where the wind farm would have been built
Some people were worried the wind farm would look ugly and threaten birds
Some people were in favour of the plans because they said wind energy was environmentally friendly, clean and cheap.

But not everyone agreed with them.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said the farm could injure or kill birds who got too close to the turbine's blades.

Other people were worried that the 140m-high turbines would be noisy and look ugly.

Despite saying no to the plans, Scotland's energy minister Jim Mather said the government was still committed to improving renewable energy in the Western Isles.