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Last Updated: Monday April 21 2008 14:53 GMT

Olympic torch has peaceful parade

Protestors waving Tibet flags at the start of the Malaysian leg of the Olympic torch relay

Protesters are still following the Olympic torch relay as it continues its journey around the globe, but the latest leg has been pretty peaceful.

About 1,000 police officers guarded the flame as it was paraded through the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpa.

Some people were held after unfolding a pro-Tibet banner at the starting point, but loads more supported the event.

Protesters have caused chaos in some cities along the relay route as they're unhappy with the way China rules Tibet.

Some of the biggest demonstrations have happened in London, San Francisco and Paris, where the torch had to be put out three times because of protests.

A man tries to take the torch from former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq in London
In London, someone tried to grab the Olympic torch from Konnie Huq
Since then, other countries have had to alter their relay plans to avoid trouble.

In Japan, they've had to find a new starting point for their leg of the relay on 26 April after the Buddhist temple that was due to host it said it didn't want to take part anymore.

Monks at the Zenkoji Temple said they were worried about safety and concerned about the recent troubles in Tibet.

More protests

Elsewhere, Nepal has already warned that it's prepared to use force to stop protests during the Olympic torch relay up Mount Everest.

The torch is due to be carried up the peak from the northern, Chinese Tibetan side in early May.

The Olympic torch was lit in Greece in March and is travelling through 20 countries before being carried into the Beijing Games opening ceremony on 8 August.

Torch route