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Last Updated: Monday July 14 2008 04:58 GMT

DVD review: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Release date

Out now (cert PG)

What's on it?

There are six episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and some cool extras.

The plot

The Rangers are on a quest to stop the evil brothers Moltor and Flurious from getting their hands on some magic crystals that could cause planets to be destroyed if they fell into the wrong hands.

As it is volume 2 the Rangers have already found one crystal and go out in search of the second one.

Throughout the search for the second jewel they call on the power of some impressive fighting robots called Zords and have to fight a number of enemies that stand in their way.

Bests bits

One of the best stories involves the Yellow Ranger trying to show how competitive she is. It is very funny watching the other Rangers trying to get out of playing games with her.

All this while there is evil trying to find the crystals.

Another great episode features the Blue Ranger trying to get a job on a film whilst also trying to fight some of the toughest baddies they have faced yet.

DVD extras

Ranger Arsenal: This is a short video about the weapons the Power Rangers use. It's cool to see the different weapons but you do see them all in action in the episodes.

Reserve Ranger Training Course: This lets you see if you are good enough to become a Power Ranger.

Inside you find three challenges that test your knowledge of the Power Rangers and their weapons. If you're good enough you might just get your hands on one of the crystals.

Any weak bits?

A lot of the episodes are taken up with just seeing the Rangers fighting the bad guys.

This isn't all bad and looks quite impressive but sometimes it can make the episodes seem to drag on a bit.

Hit or miss?

For Power Rangers fans this is a must.

NR rating:

Three out of five

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Your Comments

"I think that they should make it a little bit more scary, but not that scary."

Ylber, 8, London, England

"I didn't like it, but the only good thing is when the Rangers start fighting, and the monsters were cool!

Samuel, 11, Luton, England

"I think that Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is a gem."

Cara, 8, Musselburgh, Scotland

"I want to be a pink Power Ranger because pink is my favourite colour and it is a girl's colour."

Chantelle, 10, Bolton, England

"This is great film to watch."

Ben, 9, Farnham, England

"I love it, I wish I was Power Ranger."

Ryan, 15, Darlington, England