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Last Updated: Monday April 21 2008 06:31 GMT

Cool activities boost Scout group

Scouts achievement badges

Loads of you are joining the Scouts to get the chance to try activities like snowboarding, according to new figures.

Last year, the Scouting movement celebrated its 100th birthday by updating the range of activities on offer.

Following the revamp, the Scout Association says it's had 15,000 people join up in the last year, the biggest rise in 22 years.

And the fastest growing group is the 14-18-year-old Explorer Scouts.

Members can try out things like snowboarding, skate boarding, and BMX biking.

Liu Jiayu from China competing in a snowboarding competition
Have you ever tried snowboarding?
But they can still take part in more traditional scouting activities, like map reading and first aid.

And with 465,000 Scouts across the UK, it seems loads of you are making the most of the opportunities on offer.