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Last Updated: Sunday April 20 2008 14:43 GMT

Strong winds cause stinky whiff

A nose

What's that stink? A terrible smell is hanging over parts of England and Wales and it's not your dad's socks.

Loads of people have reported a manure-like whiff in London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, East Anglia and as far west as Devon.

Weather experts say the nasty aroma is down to strong winds carrying smell caused by farming and pollution in Northern Europe.

It's thought the pong could hang about until Monday. Yuck!

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"I definitely smelt it. It was in my back yard on a really windy day. It was disgusting."

Alice, 9, Bicester, England

"I couldn't smell a thing."

Maggi, 12, Kingston, England

"YUK! It smells so bad I was nearly sick on my way home from school. It smelt like vomit."

Nicole, 10, Sheffield, England

"It smelt like dog droppings wherever I went!!!!!"

Sara, 11, Northolt, England

"Me and my brother smelled a really yucky smell and we wondered what it was. Thanks Newsround."

Lewis, 8, London, England

"We have had a funny smell, but because we live over looking open fields we thought it was the farmers spraying their crops."

Jacob, 11, Bedford, England

"Yeah at least I think I did. My mum told me it was pig droppings farmers were putting around England! Boy it was smelly!"

Caitlin, 9, Worcester England

"I can smell it in the air and it stinks!"Tanya, 11, Antwerp, Belgium

"Yes - I think I smelled it. I've been smelling a disgusting smell and have not known what it was - thanks Newsround!!"

Lucy, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"On Thursday I smelt manure but I didn't know where it was coming from..."

Abbie, 12, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"Me and my best friend Holly were outside her house on Friday when we thought we could smell manure. It was really weird!"

Lauren, 12, Devon, England

"Yea I did and it smelt like cow manure. I smell it every day to and from school. It makes me feel sick."

Caitlin, 11, Liverpool, England

"I had just come back from France and when I got out of the car there was this strong smell of manure."

Lily, 14, London, England

"Yesterday I went in my garden to play but I went back in after five minutes of being outside because the smell was soooooooo yucky."

Mary, 10, Reading, England

"Up here in the North West we haven't been smelling anything! Well yes we have been smelling things when we pass farmers fields, but that's just normal. The kids at Greenmount Primary School have learnt to live with it because we have a farmer's field right next to our school!"

Hannah, 9, Ramsbottom, England

"It stinks like a skunk. It reeks like a baby's nappy."

Hannah, 9, Shipley, West Yorkshire