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Last Updated: Friday April 18 2008 11:26 GMT

School says witch keeps kids away

The school's witch logo

A school is ditching the witch on its school logo because it's stopping pupils and teachers from wanting to go there.

A witch on a broomstick has been the logo for Warboys Community Primary, in Cambridgeshire, for more than 60 years.

The school says it's time for a change because some parents have told them the logo was one of the reasons they decided NOT to send their kids there.

But hundreds of villagers have signed a petition objecting to the change.

Witches are a big part of Warboys' history as it's the last recorded place in England where women who were thought to be witches were killed in the 1500s.

Hundreds of years ago, if someone was accused of being a witch they had to go to court, and if they couldn't prove that they were not a witch, they were killed.

The people who are against the change are worried that if the school logo changes, the village's history will slowly be forgotten

Football team

But the school's head teacher, Martin Kelsey, says that won't happen.

"The school will find ways to develop children's understanding of the local history."

As well as the witch on the school logo, there's one on the village clock tower and even the local footie team are known as The Witches.