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Last Updated: Friday April 18 2008 06:55 GMT

Goldie is 'biggest goldfish'

Goldie the goldfish

A super-sized goldfish in Kent is bowling over experts who say he could be one of the biggest in the world.

Goldie was a 2.5cm-long tiddler when his owner, Ada Shaw, bought him 15 years ago for 99p, but since then he's just kept on growing and growing.

At 38cm long, 12cm high and weighing in at just under 1kg, Goldie's now thought to be the biggest goldfish in Britain and second largest in the world!

The largest is a 48cm-long fish that was found in the Netherlands.

Goldie's owner said she fed him twice a day, but had no idea how he got so big: "I give him a little bit more if I think he's looking for some, even though I shouldn't, but he hasn't suffered for it has he?"

Marine biologist Darren Gook, at Great Yarmouth's Sea Life centre, said he'd never heard of any goldfish growing to Goldie's size, but it seems not everyone is convinced.

A spokesman for the Federation of British Aquatic Societies said Goldie's size wasn't that unusual.

"Goldfish are very long lived animals and consequently if they're in the right environment they will get large," he said.