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Last Updated: Thursday April 17 2008 07:33 GMT

Bird's Nest Olympic stadium opens

The main Olympics building in Beijing, China, known as the Bird's Nest

The main venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has opened its doors for the public to have a look at the 70m high building surrounded by twisted metal.

The city's National Stadium has been nicknamed the Bird's Nest because of its unusual appearance.

It will host sporting events as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, which start on 8 August.

About 91,000 people can fit in the stadium, with retractable roof, which cost 250m and took 52 months to build.

Stadium worker Michael Kwok said: "In a way it is a very random pattern that is similar to some Chinese artworks like bowls with cracked patterns and ancient pottery that you would see in a museum."