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Last Updated: Tuesday April 15 2008 16:25 GMT

Runaway red panda returns home

Pichu, a red panda

A panda which had been missing for two months after escaping from a wildlife park in southern Scotland has been found.

Runaway Pichu was spotted sitting on a branch of a tree about two miles from her home at the Galloway Wildlife Park.

The red panda had made the great escape with her daughter Isla when a tree fell onto their pen, setting them free.

Pichu is settling back into her old home, but the search continues for the younger panda, who is still missing.

A male panda, Mushu, was also in the pen when the storm hit, but he stayed behind at the wildlife park near Kirkcudbright.

Laura at the wildlife park
Laura joined the search for the pandas
The owner, John Denerley, said he's delighted to have Pichu back, and is hopeful her daughter will be found.

Mr Denerley said Mushu had been pining for his girlfriend and daughter.

"We hope we can find the wee one as quickly as possible so they can all be re-united," he added.

They are related to racoons
They live for around 12-14 years
They mainly feed on bamboo
But they also eat acorns, roots, and berries
They are slow on the ground, but at home in trees
Red pandas are really rare. They usually live in Southern Asia, in countries like China and India.

They are much smaller than normal pandas, and have reddish fur.

They like climbing trees and sleeping, mainly eat bamboo, but also like berries.