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Last Updated: Tuesday April 15 2008 15:19 GMT

Scottish moose back on the loose


For the first time in 1,000 years, moose are back on the loose in the Scottish Highlands.

The pair have just been flown in from Sweden, and are settling in well to their new home in a big wildlife park.

But they won't be alone for long, as the landowner has big plans to bring back animals that have disappeared from the landscape.

So soon, the largest members of the deer family may be joined by bears, wolves and big cats.

Two thousand years ago, the animals roamed freely across parts of the Scottish Highlands.

Sadly most of them were hunted until they died out, but landowner Paul Lister wants to bring them back.

Grey wolf
Wolves became extinct in the UK 200 years ago
Farmers living nearby are worried about the safety of their own animals, and want fences put up around the park.

But Mr Lister is determined to go ahead with his plans, and hopes the park will be up and running in five years.

  • You can watch the mooses' journey home on the BBC Natural World programme Moose in the Glen, BBC Two, Wednesday 16 April at eight 'o' clock.