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Olympics 08 GB hopefuls

Last Updated: Tuesday July 08 2008 10:40 GMT

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe winning the New York marathon in 2007

Loads of people are hoping Paula Radcliffe will win her first Olympic gold at the Beijing Games.

But first she'll have to prove she's fit enough to go.

In May, Paula announced she'd damaged one of her thigh bones and some doctors told her she wouldn't recover enough in time to go to China.

But the long-distance runner says she's confident she'll be well enough to compete.

Sticky problem

At the Athens Olympics in 2004, Paula surprised fans by pulling out of the marathon with about four miles to go and dropping out of the 10,000m after 17 laps.

She said the heat was partly to blame, but this time around she's been concentrating in training on how to deal with the sticky temperatures.