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Last Updated: Thursday April 24 2008 13:39 GMT

Lizo reviews third episode of Dr Who

An Ood

Our Doctor Who superfan Lizo reviews the third episode of the fourth series - Planet of the Ood.

Oooooh dear. The Ood are back, and they're not happy.

Which is odd, because they're famous throughout the galaxy as peaceful, helpful servants who are eager to serve.

But when the Doctor and Donna arrive on the Ood's home planet, they discover a few are fighting back. And spurred on by Donna, The Doctor is determined to find out why the Ood are the way they are.

This episode is both beautiful and horrifying. And in the same way that last year's Gridlock was about faith and believing in something, this story is about choices. And what's right and what's wrong.


The Doctor in episode 3
It's filled with creepy moments, and is definitely the most chilling episode so far this series. And, again, the special effects are some of the best we've seen so far.

The only slight criticism is a big action sequence involving The Doctor inside a giant warehouse, which feels as if it was stuck there, to just to have a big action sequence. Because the real action in the story is all emotional, as we see how the Doctor and Donna react to the events around them.


Not only that, just as important is the way that we see the Ood, which gradually changes throughout the episode. By the end they seem a million miles from the creatures we first met two years ago in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

The very best episodes of Doctor Who are the ones which not only entertain you, but which also leave you thinking about them after they've finished. And this is definitely one of those.

Four and a half out of five.

Your Comments

"Doctor Who is great, but some episodes need to be about different monsters."

Denise, 11, Gloucestershire, England

"Doctor Who used too be actually scary and mainly aimed at teenagers - those episodes were amazing (The Eccleston Season). Now that they are aiming Doctor Who at small children it is rubbish. I have not seen a single episode in season four that has really jumped out and impressed me. Come on Doctor Who, we want a scary episode!! Let's hope the next episodes are better."

Paddy, 14, Yorkshire, England

"I think the Ood episode was brilliant, but the other episode was not as exciting."

Kieran, 12, Wiltshire, England

"Not as good as episode one, but it was so funny when Halpen turned in to an Ood... hehe the brain."

Guy, 9, Kent, England

"I think that episode was FANTASTIC! I thought it was really touching and it nearly made me cry because it was so sad. Donna and the Doctor really have to put their faith in one another in this episode."

Scarlett, 11, Essex, England

"I love Doctor Who!!! I thought it was really good. It was well planned and really interesting. So far the series has been good, but I don't really like Donna Noble."

Bethany, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"It was okay, but not at all scary. They need to make new characters."

Chloe, 11, Reading, England

"Doctor Who is getting more rubbish by the week."

Chad, 8, Weymouth, England

"IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Charlotte, 8, Essex, England

"I thought this episode of Doctor Who was fab. I am sure the other episodes will be just as good!!!!"

Zoe, 9, Cleveland, England

"OK, let's get one thing straight... Doctor Who rocks!!! It was really creepy when Mr Halpen turned into an Ood though! It was strange when they said 'Your song must end soon Doctor'... Creepy!!"

India-Mae, 10, Surrey, England

"I think the last two episodes were great, especially the mimicking part where the two meet after a long time. It was really funny! I thought that the Ood were cool!!!!"

Shannon, 11, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"I think Doctor Who is one of the best TV shows ever and I love it."

Oliver, 12, Clwyd, Wales

"WOW!!! It was a great episode. I always thought that the Ood that had died on the ship in the last Ood-y episode were the only ones. Donna's reaction to the woman that thought she and the Doctor were married was great!"

Sam, 11, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"The Ood are the best characters ever!"

Katie, 9, East Sussex, England

"I thought this episode was very scary and very sad at the same time. My mum started crying."

Keira, 11, South Glamorgan, Wales

"I think it was a bit boring, but still interesting..."

Umar, 11, Manchester, England

"Dr Who was absolutely fab-tastic! The Ood are great aliens too, and it had a really big twist at the end. I wonder what they meant when they said, 'your song must end soon' hmmmm..."

Emma, 12, Manchester, England

"This episode was quite weird. The bit when Mr Halpen turned into an Ood was disgusting, but it served him right!"

Chloe, 12, London, England

"The Ood scared me when their eyes went red and they roared, but when they said goodbye to the Doctor and Donna I was sad and wanted them to stay. Their song made me feel sad too."

Mark, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

"I liked this episode a lot, but it left me with lots of questions that I wanted an answer to."

Rosie, 10, West Sussex, England

"This episode was so emotional and scary! Whoever thought humans were so cruel. The Ood are great!"

Hannah, 11, Essex, England

"Although I didn't have high hopes for this episode, when I watched it I changed my opinion. But I don't think it was as good as the first Ood episode! Donna does brighten the series up, and I hope she returns"

Laura, 10, Rochdale, England

"I think it was the best episode so far, I hope the next one is just as good."

Henry, 10, West Sussex, England

"Absolutely wicked! I've never been so scared when watching a Dr Who episode before (apart from 'Blink'. Now that really scared me!). The acting in it was brill and when Mr Halpen turned into an Ood, it was! 10/10 as per usual!"

Jasmine, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"It was a great episode - it was sad when they where singing. I liked the other 2 episodes more."

Katie, 11, Cambridge, England

"It was good but I think they need to think of more original monsters!"

Emily, 11, Middlesex, England

"It was brilliant! The rabid Ood were scary, but the planet was great! It was so sad when The Doctor and Donna were looking at the unprocessed Ood through the bars!"

Beth, 12, Surrey, England

"A disappointing episode. Although it's great to see the Ood back, I didn't think they were given a good-enough storyline. I think the series finale will be much better."

Ryan, 13, Oxford, England

"I loved it and it had really good effects. It showed how humans treated slaves. It was brilliant just like always!"

Louise, 12, Brighton, England

"I was gobsmacked! It was fantastic and it was the best."

Charlie, 8, West Sussex, England

"I think it was great, my favourite part was when the man turned into an Ood. I have loved all the episodes since I was 5. Me and my brother love it."

Alice, 7, Bracknell, England

"I loved it. Amazing effects. I love the idea of Ood born with brains on their hands and the music by Murray Gold was excellent."

Huw, 10, Powys, Wales

"At times it was scary but I loved it. I nearly cried when the Oods that hadn't had their brain cut off yet were singing. I'd have an Ood as a pet if they didn't have the disease."

Katie, 11, Milton Keynes, England

"Absolutely brilliant. The best episode of the series by far in my opinion. It was full of twists and turns and was much easier to understand. The explanation behind the story was very good. There were no weak bits and Halpen's transformation into an Ood was fantastic! Very, very, very good episode."

Ben, 13, Kettering, England

"I hated the last 2 episodes but this was brilliant! Well done who ever thought of that story!"

Jade, 10, Derbyshire, England

"I thought it was really good, as it also kind of showed the human race up, showing how harsh and cruel they can be. Fab acting as usual!!"

Rachel, 12, London, England

"It was good, the singing at the end was my favourite part."

Jeniffer, 12, London, England

"I'm so glad the Ood are back! When their eyes turn red it's very weird. Russell T Davies is a genius bringing them back."

Laurence, 11, Wiltshire, England

"Not bad but it could have been better. The best bit was when the man turned into an Ood."

Jack, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"It was brilliant."

Navneet, 12, Coventry, England

"I loved this episode. It was the best one I have seen and I have seen all of the Doctor Who episodes. I really liked the bit when the Ood sneezed and his brain came out!!"

Erin, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"It was really good. I never actually thought that the Oods had a slavery and a freedom song. Love Donna's reaction when she goes out in a dress and its freezing out."

Natalie, 14, Poole, England

"We liked it but it was scary sometimes."

Andrew and Nicholas, 8 and 4, Greenwich, England

"I am really enjoying the new series of Doctor Who so far. It has been very exciting and entertaining. Dr Who rules!!!!"

Robbie, 7, Newcastle

"It started off as a really good episode, with us getting to see much more of the Ood and how Donna sees them through our eyes. Although the climax with the brain disappointed me a lot. "

Daniel, 13, Birmingham

"It was scary when there eyes went red."

Natasha, 8, Sutton, England

"They heard a song then their eyes changed red. it was great."

Euan, 6, Aberdeen

"The episode was good and witty episode and the Ood were an excellent choice as a monster on Doctor Who."

Ashley, 13, Basingstoke

"I think that the third episode of Doctor who was brilliant. I liked to see the Ood again."

Aaron, 8, Stoke, England

"The third episode of the series was 10/10. Donna is a amazing actress. She adds really humour to the show, Russell T Davies is a amazing script writer. His ideas are great, the episode provided humour, action and creepy aliens. 10/10 FROM ME."

Alana, 11, Stockport, England

"I thought it was fab. One of the best episodes so far I rate it 99999999990/10."

Kitty, 10, Chelmsford, England

"I really enjoy Doctor Who because you never know where he is going to go. The costumes are really detailed and must take days to make. The Ood eyes are really scary just like a horror film. The Ood's face is really ugly. My room is Doctor Who and I have a toy Tardis."

Ben, 7, Plymouth, England

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