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Last Updated: Sunday April 13 2008 15:32 GMT

In pictures: London Marathon 2008

The race

The streets of London were busy on Sunday with 35,000 runners pounding the pavements.


The sun was shining when the professional athletes kicked off the race in Blackheath, in south-east London.


Meanwhile, the rest of the runners set off from the city's Greenwich Park.


Lots of people took on the challenge to raise money for charity.

Masai warriors

Six Masai warriors, hoping to raise 600 for clean water for their home in Tanzania, left enough time for singing and dancing along the way!

Runners dressed up

And lots of the runners were dressed up in colourful costumes...

Banana man

If you looked carefully, there were even some superheroes taking part!

Man dressed as spidersman

Twenty-six miles was probably nothing for this runner!

Runner dressed as a bird

Is there anything in the rules to say you can't fly the race?

Gordon Ramsay

TV chef Gordon Ramsay certainly needed to cool off when he crossed the finish line!