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Last Updated: Saturday April 12 2008 11:21 GMT

Plans to fine litter lout drivers

Traffic on a motorway

Litter louts who're caught on camera throwing rubbish out of cars could soon be hit in the pocket.

At the moment, local councils find it difficult to punish people for dropping litter, because it's hard to find out who was to blame.

They want the government to give them more power to chase up people caught on CCTV throwing litter out of cars.

Under the plans, car owners could face fines of up to 80, even if it was their passenger who threw the litter!

The scheme is being tried out in London from June, and if it's successful, could be extended across the country.


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Paul Bettison, chairman of the Local Government Association said if there was evidence litter had been thrown out of a car, the owner would be sent a fine.

"Then it's up to the owner of the car," he said.

"If he says 'actually, I wasn't driving the car somebody else was', he has to give that person's name.

"In which case, they're responsible. Failing which, the owner would have to pay the fine," he added.