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Last Updated: Wednesday April 09 2008 12:17 GMT

Beer logos taken off kids' kit

Footie officials and people from the drinks company, with kids wearing the logo-free footie shirts

If you're a young Rangers or Celtic fan you'll soon notice a change to the kids' version of your team's kit.

At the moment, fans can choose whether to buy a footie shirt with the logo of the drinks company that sponsors their club on it, or one without.

But from next season, the logos won't appear on any Celtic or Rangers kids' shirts anymore.

It's hoped the brand ban will encourage kids to lead a healthy lifestyle, and help to promote responsible drinking.

Lots of sports teams rely on getting extra money by allowing famous brand logos to be added to their kits.

New rules

But in two years time, all alcoholic drinks companies will be banned from adding their logos to kids' sports shirts.

The rules will apply to any club signing a new sponsorship deal from January 2009.