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Last Updated: Friday April 11 2008 10:59 GMT

Should logos on sports kits be banned?

Sports clothes on a stall

Young Celtic and Rangers fans will soon see a change to their footie kits, with alcohol logos being removed from child-sized copies of the teams' shirts.

And they're not alone. In two years time, alcohol advertising will be banished from ALL kids' sports shirts.

The aim is to promote healthier lifestyles, but do you think it will work?

Should all brand logos be banned from sports kits, or are some ok?

Perhaps you think young fans' shirts should be exactly the same as their team's, no matter what?

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Your comments

"It doesn't make a difference because us kids can't buy alcohol anyway."

Lauren, 11, Warwick, England

"I don't think shirts should be advertising at all. They should be representing their team, not a company."

Isabelle, 10, Surrey, England

"I am a big fan of Celtic and Rangers, but just because they have a beer logo on the shirts doesn't mean I'm going to go and start drinking!"

Katy, 12, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

"I don't personally see why they should ban the logo, it's not like us kids can go and buy alcohol is it?"

Kieran, 11, Leamington Spa, England

"No way! Because we can't buy alcohol from the shops anyway as we are too young. So it does not affect us."

Dylan, 12, Warwickshire, England

"I support Celtic and I think it's stupid. All children know drinking alcohol is bad, in fact probably better than teenagers, so what's the point of ruining the kits?"

Fiona, 10, Essex, England

"I think it's a good idea. It can send a message to kids not to drink at a young age, although the shirt will be plain. Clubs also have to think about which sponsor they want to choose in the near future, possibly avoiding alcohol companies. The idea is not just for kids, it's for adults as well."

Justin, 14, Oxford, England

"It's a good idea because it will encourage children not to drink."

Ben, 9, Norfolk, England

"No way! I think logos look really good on the shirts because they finish the shirt off. It would be like not having a school logo on our uniforms!!"

Amy, 13, Cheshire, England

"What harm can a beer logo on a shirt do to kids? It's just like looking at a sticker!"

Lauren, 11, Coventry, England

"I think that alcohol logos on shirts for children are a bad idea. It might make children think that it's okay to drink alcohol because they are being used as adverts."

Louise, 11, Lancashire, England

"I don't really see the point. Footy fans only wear a top because of the team it's representing, not the logo. I think it's going a bit far now."

Caitlin, 11, London, England

"NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! What difference does it make? Kids don't pay attention to the logo."

Nikkie, 8, Hertfordshire, England

"Yes, all beer logos should be banned. It will encourage children not to drink. The other logos are ok though."

Aisling, 10, Galway, Ireland

"If they ban alcohol sponsors from ALL footie kits it may work, but kids will still see adults with them on their shirts, so it won't make a difference."

Louise, 11, Surrey, England

"What difference does it make if logos are on a shirt if you aren't allowed to sell beer to children anyway? The tops are plain and not as nice without them."

Caoimhe, 12, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

"I think removing SOME alcohol logos will help to put an end to binge drinking. Non-alcoholic brands should not be removed as they make the t-shirts more attractive."

Katie, 12, Wiltshire, England

"People wouldn't buy them because they're not the same as the team's and look plain without the logo."

Laura, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"NO! Footie kits will look silly without the logos. You'll look weird at a football match without your team logo, it's not going to encourage or discourage kids to drink."

Conor, 9, Hertfordshire, England

" I don't reckon logos should be banned because they get sponsorship money and clubs can use the money to buy better quality players."

Jordon, 12, Wiltshire, England

" No, logos on sport kits shouldn't be banned because they make the kit more fun."

Charis, 8, Birmingham, England

" I think taking beer logos off is just a waste. It will spoil the joy for kids getting their first t-shirt because it will be different to the original. Since when have kids tried to drink because it's on a t-shirt? The team doesn't promote them anyway, they promote the team."

Grace, 11, Dublin, Ireland

"If you take the logo off, no-one will buy it because it doesn't look nice!"

Bill, 11, Liverpool, England

"Wearing these football shirts makes me sad because my dad is a recovering alcoholic."

Mark, 15, Wales

"I think it's a waste of time trying to ban all the beer logos. I mean, no-one's going to go out and buy a drink just because they've seen a beer logo on their football shirt. It's just a random company sponsoring a football team."

Georgina, 11, Birmingham, England

"I think that beer logos are inappropriate because young fans walk around in them promoting these unhealthy lifestyles."

Winston, 9, Norfolk, England

"I think that it is a good idea to get rid of the sponsors on children's shirts, because after all, you wouldn't want your child wearing a shirt with a cigarette company on it would you?"

Ken, 12, Cheshire, England

"I think that logos should definitely be banned because some of them are setting a bad example to young kids."

Thornton, 11, Norfolk, England

"I think logos are great because they give football teams more of an identity."

Jessica, 13, Birmingham, England

"I like football shirts with logos and disagree with taking them off because they are not out to sell beer to children."

Piers, 12, Lancashire, England

"I think it's a bad idea because when kids start drinking when under age, they will think it's funny and carry on, then they can get into serious trouble if they're caught."

Emily, 10, Nottingham, England

"I think logos on football shirts should stay the same because some people like to have the same shirt as a football player."

Callum, 10, Barnsley, England

"I think that the advertising won't give any kids our age any drink ideas, because I think they are only tops that you play football in!"

Polly, 11, Surrey, England

"There is no point at all, you look at the shirt and don't even think about the logo."

Jon, 12, Stafford, England

"There is no point at all. You look at the shirt and don't even think about the logo."

Jon, 12, Stafford, England

"I think they shouldn't be banned because they bring the team money. If they weren't on the tops they would stop giving us money so we couldn't buy good players."

Jacqueline, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"I can understand what they are getting at but I still don't see the harm in having it on there. It's not as if many children are going to influenced to drink alcohol just because there's a logo about it on their football shirt."

Joanna, 11, Wiltshire, England

"No, the strips will look plain. They're cool just now!"

Kayleigh, 11, Roxburghshire, Scotland

"No way, it would take all of the fun out of them! It's good to have different logos because if we didn't then it would be all the same (boring!)."

Alex, 11, Shropshire, England

"I think this is a bit too far - it's just a logo! It's not as if young children pay much attention to the logo."

Ryan, 15, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"The kids' shirts should be the same as the pros. It would make the shirts counterfeit."

George, 11, Buckingham, England

"I don't really think it will make a difference. Kids' shirts are kids' shirts, it's not as if the children are going to go out and buy alcohol, is it?"

Zara, 11, Crawley, England

"I think it is right to ban the alcohol logos, but anything apart from the alcohol ones I think would be fine."

Lyndz, 11, Blackpool, England

"No I don't think they should be banned because they make the kits look better, not just plain."

Luke, 11, Telford, England