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Last Updated: Wednesday April 09 2008 07:07 GMT

Olympic torch relay to carry on

Protesters lining the streets in San Francisco

Organisers of the 2008 Olympic Games say the torch relay will go on, despite hundreds of people protesting as it arrived in San Francisco, America.

The flame is being taken across the world to the opening ceremony in Beijing, but protesters have been causing chaos along the way.

They are upset about the way China rules Tibet, and the way the Chinese Government treats Tibetan people.

The Chinese authorities have also said the torch will still be going to Tibet.

The torch was lit in Olympia, Greece, last week and will go through 20 countries before being carried into the Beijing Games opening ceremony on 8 August.

Protest sign and the Eiffel Tower
37 people were arrested during protests in Paris, France
It arrived in San Francisco early on Tuesday, and was taken to a secret location.

The torch's route will be lined by police officers when it is carried through the city later, as organisers try to stop a repeat of the chaotic scenes of London and Paris.

Thirty-seven people were arrested as demonstrators tried to disrupt it's journey through London, and in Paris, the torch had to be put out three times because of protests.

The Tibet situation is complicated. In March this year, people demonstrated in Tibet because they don't want it to be ruled by China, and a number of people died.