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Last Updated: Wednesday April 09 2008 05:26 GMT

Meeting the author Jeremy Strong

Press Packer Lara

Press Packer Lara met the author Jeremy Strong at the recent Children's Literature Festival in London.

Here's what she found out about him.

"I was lucky enough to go to a talk given by Jeremy Strong.

He writes funny books for children. He has published 77 so far!

My favourites are I Am Telling You They're Aliens, My Sister's Got A Spoon Up Her Nose, and My Mum's Going to Explode.

Fast dogs

Jeremy Strong told us how he got the idea for the books about the 100 miles an hour dog.

One of the teachers at the primary school where he used to work asked him to walk her dogs Molly and Mabel.

As soon as he let them off the leads, they ran speedily in opposite directions.

It took him two hours to get them both back.

But he was happy that he had made up a new character.


After the talk, I got to meet him and ask some questions.

He told me two of his favourite characters are Krazy Kow and the sparky 14-year-old girl called Fizz from the book for teenagers called Stuff.

I also found out that his nickname is Jay which is my brother's name too!

He has given me inspiration to become a famous author."

Lara, 9, London

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