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Last Updated: Monday April 07 2008 16:09 GMT

Mobiles may now be used on planes


You could soon be texting your mates from the sky!

It's just been decided that - if you're flying in Europe - you should be able to use your mobile when you're on board an aeroplane.

Calls could start as soon as next month. They'll be allowed once the plane has reached a height of 3,000m.

There's likely to be a higher charge for in-flight calls, but networks have been warned to keep prices down, or the service is unlikely to take off.

Using mobiles is currently banned on planes.

The idea is to bring in technology that allows phones to be used without interfering with flight equipment.


If people are being too annoying with their phones, the captain will be able to switch off the technology.

So it's in people's interests to behave!