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Last Updated: Friday April 18 2008 10:33 GMT

Lizo reviews second episode of Dr Who

David Tennant as The Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna.

Our Doctor Who superfan Lizo reviews the second episode of the fourth series - Fires of Pompeii.

The Doctor and Donna accidentally land in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. And their timing couldn't have been worse.

It's the day before a huge volcano is due to erupt and bury the city killing everybody there.

The Doctor just wants to leave, but Donna thinks he should try and save the city. And that's when things take an even more mysterious turn.

Big row

People living in Pompeii are talking about a prophecy involving a blue box, and some even seem to know exactly who The Doctor and Donna are.

This is an episode that's everything an episode of Doctor Who should be.

David Tennant as The Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna.
The Doctor and Donna have a huge row!
Not only is there a baffling mystery to be solved, but there's amazing tension because a huge argument is brewing between The Doctor and Donna about whether they should leave or not.

Each of them is convinced they're doing the right thing.

Tantalising hints

That alone would make this a standout episode, but there are also some of the best special effects yet seen on the show.

As well as a few more tantalising hints about what might be coming later in the series.

All in all, one of the very best episodes the show has produced.

Five out of five.

Your Comments

"I thought it was brilliant. The way Donna wanted The Doctor to save the people at the end. I also thought that it was very gripping the way they made the choice of killing 20,000 people. I thought this was excellent, However not the best."

Aaron, 15, Oldham, England

"It was brill. The Pyroviles made it extra creepy, and of course the underworld gods were so cool."

Alex, 12, Bradford, England

"I thought it was so great and it was probably the best so far! I was at a sleepover which was very annoying, because my friend who I was sleeping over with was scared of Doctor Who."

Martha, 9, Somerset, England

"I thought this episode was really good! I liked the fact that it was different because the Doctor and Donna kept arguing."

Anna, 13, London, England

"Every time I see the latest episode of Doctor Who, it just gets better and better. With this one, I just loved the special effects with the volcano and I really think Donna could change the Doctor in one way or another!"

Bern, 13, Gloucestershire, England

"It was very emotional with occasional humour, it was very enticing. It was also quite scary. I think Catherine makes a great Donna!"

Amy, 9, Leicester, England

"I loved this episode! I really like seeing the other side of Donna - not the bold Donna, but the caring one instead."

Lucy, 11, London, England

"This episode was absolutely amazing, and the series is quickly becoming one of the best yet - 5/5!"

Rosa, 11, Nottingham, England

"I thought it was great. It made me cry at the last bit. It made me happy at the end when they got to Rome."

Frances, 9, Peterborough, England

"I thought that this episode was phenomenal! Donna has risen my expectations and she is just a joy to watch. I love this whole 'Spartacus are you married' pun. I am loving the series so far."

Jamie, 10, Cornwall, England

"I loved this episode! The SFX were amazing and so was the story. It was so sad when Donna was begging the Doctor to save someone. I agree completely, 5/5!."

Dara, 12, Galway, Ireland

"One of the best episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen. Really powerful, really magical and it almost had me in tears. Outstanding! :)"

Sean, 13, Lancashire, England

"I think the episode was a bit boring because nothing really happened in it. The next episode looks boring as well because there is no new monster to introduce and I like finding out about new monsters."

Emily, 11, Essex, England

"This episode was great! It was sad at the end but when Lucius said 'Doctor, she is returning' I assumed he meant Rose! 5 out of 5 :)"

Zoe, 13, Norfolk, England

"It was really good but I thought the Doctor was a bit of a coward near the end!"

Eloise, 12, Essex, England

"I think the second episode was really good, but a bit scary because the people were turning to stone and the monsters were a bit scary as well."

Sophie, 10, Cheltenham, England

"This Doctor Who series is great! You didn't know what was going to happen next! I can't wait until the next programme!"

Louise, 11, Lancaster, England

"I watched Doctor Who all the way through and I normally find it quite easy to follow and pick up, but this episode was rather confusing and I don't like Catherine Tate that much as the assistant."

Alice, 13, Harrow, England

"I think this episode was great, but I didn't get why their hands turned to stone. Also it was quite easy to guess what was going to happen inside the volcano."

Susie, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"Good, very realistic. I enjoyed it very much."

Jack, 8, Oxfordshire, England

"I absolutely loved this episode, as I did with the first that aired last Saturday! There was a really funny comment though, when Donna asked the girl who saw the future if she ever went out into town, went shopping with her mates or went into... TK Maximus!!!"

Sukhpaal, 12, Birmingham, England

"I really liked The Fires of Pompeii, because it had a good storyline, good guest actors and surprisingly Catherine Tate was really good! I liked the ending too. Next week's looks very bizarre, but it's bound to be interesting!"

David, 13, Cambridge, England

"I thought the episode was true genius and very emotional."

Alana, 11, Stockport, England

"It was cool! The special effects were really good."

Sophie, 11, Hitchin, England

"It was one of the best episode I have seen."

Matthew, 7, London, England

"I think this episode was very good. Personally, I didn't think it was the best because it was quite confusing and difficult to understand what was going on. I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5."

Ben, 13, Kettering, England

"It is very good. I liked the end when you see it erupt. The soothsayers are well good and Donna is cool."

Helen, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"It was scary when the volcano exploded."

Molly, 8, Staffordshire, England

"I thought Fires of Pompeii was great! It was really factual and interesting as well as funny! But my mum and dad were a bit put off as they're going on holiday together to see Pompeii later this week!!!"

Abz, 12, Derby, England

"It was so cool! Before watching this I'd never really thought about the people in Pompeii, and how they must've felt. But when I watched it last night, I cried!"

Rhiannon, 9, Macclesfield, England

"I loved it. But it was so so so so so sad."

Poppy, 11, Wiltshire, England

"I thought it was wonderful. 5 out of 5 definitely. Catherine Tate played Donna really well! Can't wait for episode 3!!!"

Eddie, 11, Evesham, England

"I thought the Fires of Pompeii was brilliant! I think throughout the series people will realise that Donna has a big heart. Go Donna!"

Hannah, 11, Essex, England

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