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Last Updated: Friday April 04 2008 17:15 GMT

Dr Who takes on Forest Of The Dead

Catherine Tate as Donna and David Tennant as the Doctor (Photo: BBC/Adrian Rogers)

Doctor Who's head writer, Russell T Davies, says that one of the most frightening stories of the new series will probably be the double episode written by Steven Moffat.

He's the man who brought us the scary statues in Blink, the clockwork robots in The Girl in the Fireplace and the gas-masked boy who wandered the streets of London asking: "Are you my mummy?".

The two-part story will be transmitted in a couple of months' time.

The first part is called Silence in The Library.

The second part was called River's Run, but the Doctor Who team have exclusively told CBBC Newsround that it's now got the creepy title Forest of the Dead.

Davies added that there is something frightening in every episode.
The Ood
The Ood

He said: "All of them have got scary moments, because it's Doctor Who!".

Ice planet

The series has got lots of terrifying monsters. Some new and some old. The Ood, last seen in Series 2 will be back.

This time we get to see where they come from. "It's a beautiful ice planet with snow and glaciers," says Davies.

And Doctor Who's most famous enemies, the Daleks, will also be returning.


Although what they're up to is still top secret.

"You're going to have more Dalek fun and horror than you've ever seen before," promises Davies.

The new series starts at 6.20pm on BBC One on Saturday.

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