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Last Updated: Thursday April 03 2008 12:11 GMT

Man pokes croc's eye to save wife

Crocodile (file photo)

A man rescued his wife from the jaws of a crocodile in Australia by jumping on its back and poking it in the eye.

Wendy Petherick was splashing her face with water from a river at a national park in Australia's Northern Territory, when she was attacked.

Her husband Norm jumped on top of the croc and poked it in the eye, forcing it to let her go and swim away.

Wendy's legs and arms were hurt, but park rangers said she had a lucky escape from the two-metre long croc.

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Police said her husband, who escaped unharmed, had saved her life by wrestling the creature.

Wendy and Norm Petherick
Norm saved Wendy's life
Doctors are worried because crocodiles carry a lot of infections in their mouths, so she will stay in hospital for the next couple of days.

Crocodile attacks in the national park are rare, and rangers have set traps to catch the animal responsible for the attack.