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Last Updated: Thursday April 03 2008 12:12 GMT



Weightlifting is, as the name suggests, an event where competitors try to lift more weight above their heads than anyone else.

The amount they can lift is amazing, with some lifting almost three times their own weight.

They not only have to lift the weight above their heads, but also hold it steady until three of five judges agree they have done so.

There are two ways of lifting the weights, the snatch and the clean and jerk.

In the snatch, lifters pull the weight from the ground and try to push it straight above their heads in one movement.

Above head

The clean and jerk sees lifters use two movements, with the first seeing them pull the weight from the ground and then hold it at chest height.

Then once they are comfortable at that point they try to hoist it above their head and then control it, again for the event's judges.