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Last Updated: Thursday April 03 2008 14:37 GMT


Handball in action

This sport is a lot like football just using hands instead of feet. The goals aren't as wide, but it's a bit easier to score than in football.

High scores are common, with an average of 50 goals a game scored in both the men's and women's competition four years ago.

Surprisingly it can be an incredibly physical sport with players leaping in the air to get space for a shot, and often finding themselves dumped to the floor afterwards.

Three seconds

Players are allowed to run with the ball for three steps unless they choose to dribble with it by bouncing the ball. Once they stop dribbling they have three seconds to use it.

Players can fling the ball at tremendous pace towards the goalkeeper, who like in football, is allowed to use his hands (or anything else) to stop the ball.

There are seven players on each team and each game has two 30-minute halves with 10 minutes for half-time.