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Last Updated: Thursday April 03 2008 07:08 GMT

Kids to splash playground cash

A playground

If you fancy the idea of designing your dream playground, now's your chance.

The government is planning to spend a whopping 225m improving thousands of play areas in England and wants your ideas on what it should be spent on.

They're hoping safer playgrounds will encourage more parents to let you play outside with your mates, instead of sitting in front of TVs and computers.

The plans also include creating 30 new supervised adventure playgrounds for eight to 13-year-olds in poorer areas.

Giant pandas
Some kids want a zoo in their park!
It's thought that up to one in four children, aged eight to 10, have never played outside without an adult, because their parents say there aren't enough safe places for them to go.

Now children and parents from all over the country are being asked for their ideas to improve their local play areas.

Big ideas

Primary school kids in Bristol are already aiming high, with dreams of tree-houses, death slides, ball pits and trampolines.

One boy said: "I'd like a very big swimming pool with a zoo around it. I love animals."