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Last Updated: Wednesday April 02 2008 05:51 GMT

In pictures: Lizo let loose in the Tardis!

Lizo in the Tardis

Newsround's Lizo was let loose in the Tardis - but what's scaring him so much?

Lizo in the Tardis

Does he really know what he's doing?

Lizo with a hammer in the Tardis

Mind you don't break anything Lizo!


Does The Doctor need a helping hand?

Lizo outside a trailer

So whose trailer is this?

Lizo outside a trailer

Is Little Red Riding Hood a code word for someone?

Lizo with Daleks

Oh no, Lizo's been captured!

Lizo with Daleks

He looks really scared!

Lizo with Daleks

Will anyone be able to save him?

Lizo being thrown out of the Tardis

Oh no! He's been thrown out of the Tardis!

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