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Last Updated: Tuesday April 01 2008 14:27 GMT

Were you fooled on April Fool's?

Car advert

Were you fooled by this advert for a new car that gives dogs an electric shock if they wee on its wheels?

Loads of newspapers printed it to fool their readers into thinking it was a real car, designed by Doctor Hans Zoff... Get it?!

No-one knows why we play pranks on April 1, but as usual there were plenty of tall stories to look out for.

Did you hear the one about Gordon Ramsay, or maybe you spotted some Doctor Who baddies out and about?

Top chef Ramsay is famous for using bad language.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
But one newspaper printed a story saying he was planning to fine customers in his restaurant 5, every time they swore!

And it wasn't just newspapers enjoying the fun.

Doctor Who

BBC Radio Four also tricked listeners by saying that an expert had said there were too many foreign birds in Britain, so there were plans to catch them all and send them back to Europe.

People at Gloucester Council were sent an email asking them to come to work dressed as a Doctor Who baddie, so they could appear in the new series!

But thankfully, no-one fell for it.