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Last Updated: Tuesday April 01 2008 12:42 GMT

Sprinter Chambers turns to rugby

British sprinter Dwain Chambers

Olympic hopeful Dwain Chambers has decided to start training for the Beijing Games by playing rugby.

The sprinter is banned from representing Great Britain in August because he failed a drugs test in 2003.

The 29-year-old hasn't given up hope he'll be able to compete, but for the next month he'll be doing a trial for rugby league team Castleford.

Chambers says it'll be the first time he's ever played the game - or even held a rugby ball!

He said: "My only experience of rugby is the photoshoot the other day with the ball in my hand."

His new coach, Terry Matterson, said as Chambers has never played before, he faces a tough time.


Other people have criticised the move, saying Chambers is just in it for the money.

Dwain Chambers
Chambers was banned for two years
One rugby player said it was an "embarrassment" to the game, and called on officials to stop him from playing.

But club manager, Michael Robinson, said Castleford was taking Chambers' trial seriously.

"It was never mentioned as a publicity stunt," he said.

"It was made clear from day one there is no money changing hands between Dwain and the club in the first month."