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Last Updated: Tuesday April 01 2008 07:02 GMT

Birds of a feather work together

A pair of rooks working together

Pairs of rooks have proved two heads really are better than one when it comes to getting your claws on some tasty treats.

Scientists tested the birds by leaving a tempting tray of snacks just outside their cage with string attached to it.

They wanted to see if the birds would work out that they both needed to pull on the strings at the same time to grab the grub. And they did!

Although some pairs took longer to work it out, they all got there in the end.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge said the birds did as well as chimpanzees in the test.

Psychologist Amanda Seed, who lead the research, said: "The question was would they work out, without any training, that they needed one bird to pull on one end of the string and another to pull on the other, simultaneously, to get to the food?"

The eight pairs who took part in the test all solved the puzzle, with some doing it straight away while others took a day or two to work out that team-work was the way to get their nibbles.