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Last Updated: Sunday March 30 2008 10:34 GMT

Air rescue for kids stuck on moor


Military helicopters were called in to rescue a group of kids who got caught in fierce storms in a remote part of Devon called Dartmoor.

Eighteen kids were airlifted to safety. One of them suffered a broken ankle.

The group were among hundreds of kids who were in the area to train for a famous event on the moor called the Ten Tors challenge.

The challenge takes place in May, with some teams walking up to 55 miles across the rugged and wild landscape.

Last year's event was called off because of bad weather.

In the run-up to it, a 14-year-old girl died after being swept away by a river.

She was also on a training exercise.


Up to 1,000 kids were on the moor on Saturday, when the group was rescued, with heavy rain and 40mph winds whipping across the area.

On Friday, five teenage girls called for emergency help after getting lost on the moor in bad weather.

The girls, from London, didn't suffer any serious injury.