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Last Updated: Friday March 28 2008 05:39 GMT

Kids win top invention award

L-R: Alex, 11, Angus, 11, Thomas, 10, and Cameron, 11

A gadget designed by four school kids which helps you track down your trainers has won a top invention award.

Alex, Angus and Cameron, who are 11, and Thomas, who's 10, now get to work with top inventors to develop the idea and hopefully turn it into reality.

The boys, who go to Ashfold School in Buckinghamshire, came up with the idea for the Speed Searcher in their design and technology class.

They beat hundreds of adults to win the Innovation Nation competition.

Adam Hart-Davis
Adam Hart-Davis presented the award
Their gadget went on show at the Ideal Homes exhibition in London alongside nine other finalists. The public then got the chance to pick their favourite, and the Speed Searcher came out on top!

The lads said they're always losing things like their trainers and wanted to create something to make life easier.

The Speed Searcher would comes in two parts. You'd stick one bit - a computer chip - to your trainers (or whatever it is you lose) and the other part is computer software containing a floor plan of your house.

Red flashing light

When you lose your trainers you simply load up the software, have a look at the floor plan and whatever it is you've lost would show up as a red flashing light on screen.

At the moment it's just an idea, but the lads seem pretty confident the Speed Searcher will end up in the shops, and say they'll come up with more problem-solving ideas in the future.