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Last Updated: Monday March 31 2008 06:24 GMT

The day my school caught fire

Press Packer Hugh

Press Packer Hugh was at the scene when part of his school burnt down.

Here's what he saw.

"On Saturday, 8 March, my primary school caught fire!

My dad had got a text from his brother saying school would not be on on Monday.

We rushed over and saw the flames roaring.

Burning School

The fire brigade could not get any control over the fire and had called for back-up.

Five fire engines were on the scene and evacuated the house beside it.

Road closed

The roof collapsed and the fire spread through to our class room.

The roof of our class was collapsing too.

The road was closed and they had to get a helicopter.

Then we left the scene and took our friend home.

We were really upset.

Senior school

We live in a small place and there aren't many schools to go to.

My brother and I are back at school but we have been put over to the senior school for a while.

My teachers and all the staff worked really hard to get everything ready for us and I feel very sorry for them."

Hugh, 10, Scotland

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