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Last Updated: Saturday March 29 2008 10:21 GMT

Go Gavin! - Dare him to try your sport

Sportsround's Gavin

A marine assault course, freestyle football and learning to skydive - indoors!

Since he got to Sportsround Gavin's tried all of these and more, but he doesn't think those are tough enough for him.

He reckons he can take anything you guys can suggest, so what should we get Gav to do next?

Should he be going up a mountain, getting wet, or taking to the ski slopes?

Perhaps you'd like him to try something a bit more conventional like basketball or ice hockey.

Or do you do a sport that you think Gavin wouldn't be able to cope with?

Use the email address below to send us your ideas.

Email Sportsround

Just send an email to We really do read all of them.