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Last Updated: Wednesday March 26 2008 15:09 GMT

My brother carried a knife

An anonymous child

The most common reason for carrying a knife is for protection, but according to the Be Safe Project 65% of carriers have their own knife used against them.

Can knife carrying ever be a good thing? A Press Packer whose brother got involved with knife crime gave us her opinion.

"My brother used to carry a knife and because of that he got stabbed himself and things got worse for him.

The police told the school and they put it on his record so he can't go to a good college and the people who own the jobs won't give him one.

I felt angry

When I found out that my brother was hurting people I felt angry.

I thought maybe there was a reason, like he was angry about something that had happened in his life so he decided to take it out on somebody else.

The fact that my brother almost killed somebody made me realise that he wasn't as good as he said.

I felt like he was pretending to be good at home so mum would let him go out whenever he wanted.

When he was out he would be himself and start carrying knives and hurting people.

I thought that when I went back to school everyone would hate me because my brother almost killed somebody.

I saw red

When my brother was stabbed I saw his arm had a big hole.

I was so angry at the people that had done it to him that I felt like getting revenge and stabbing them back.

If I had I think I would have made things worse. The police might have thought my brother asked me to do it or they might send my mum to jail for letting me carry knives.

More trouble

From this situation with my brother I learnt that carrying a knife just gets you into more trouble.

I think stabbing somebody, or gunning them down or using a knife in anyway is wrong, because there are easier ways to settle things.

You can talk to the person alone or on the internet or just phone them instead of using guns and knives, because there is no point."

Girl, 11, London

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