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Last Updated: Wednesday March 26 2008 11:38 GMT

EastEnders defends burial scenes

Max and Tanya

A row has kicked off about scenes in BBC soap EastEnders, where character Max Branning was buried alive.

The BBC has received 600 complaints from people, many of them concerned that the scenes were screened while kids were still watching TV.

Programme-makers said they regretted that some people "did not enjoy" the scenes, but they did not apologise.

Max survived his ordeal when his wife, Tanya, who had plotted the burial, went back to dig him up.


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The BBC said the burial was not "glorified" and "great care" had been taken to warn viewers what to expect.


Friday's episode went out at 8.30pm, and showed Tanya take revenge on her cheating husband, by drugging him and attempting to bury him alive.