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Last Updated: Sunday March 23 2008 15:03 GMT

In pictures: Easter around the world

Roman Catholic Easter service in Bucharest, Romania

Christians around the world are celebrating Easter Sunday, the day they believe Jesus Christ was resurrected - coming back to life three days after he died on the cross.

Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Michel Sabah conducts an Easter service in the Holy Sepulchre

This Easter Mass is being held at Jerusalem's Holy Sepulchre church, which is thought to be the site of Christ's burial.

Crowds of worshippers in St Peter's Square, in Rome

Tens of thousands of people braved the rain in Rome to attend Pope Benedict XVI's Easter Mass and blessing at St Peter's Square.

The Pope on his way to the open Mass

The Pope renewed his call for peace in Iraq and Tibet during the service, which was broadcast live to 57 countries.

South Korean worshippers at outdoor mass in front of Seoul City Hall

There was more rain in central Seoul, where worshippers prayed for North and South Korea to be reunited.

Easter service in Kosovo

This young boy in Kosovo listened to messages of renewal, peace and hope during the Easter Sunday service in the village of Vitina.

Soldier of US 82nd Airborne celebrates at Camp Egger, Kabul

In Afghanistan, American troops took time out from the conflict there to attend an Easter service.

Filipino children painting eggs

These children in the Philippines are painting eggs, which is an Easter tradition in many parts of the world.

Iraqi policeman lights candle outside Chaldean Catholic church in central Baghdad

And in Iraq, some people have been lighting candles to support the country's Christian minority.