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Last Updated: Sunday March 23 2008 17:34 GMT

In pictures: Your Easter snapshots

Kaitlyn, 10

Kaitlyn decided to stick with an Easter theme when she saw her garden was covered with the white stuff, making this very cute Easter snow bunny.

Elizabeth and Andrew with their snowman

Elizabeth made this snowman first thing on Easter Sunday with the help of her brother Andrew.

Rebecca, 10, Lea,13, and Chloe, 7

And Rebecca, Lea and Chloe said they had great fun building this huge snowman with their mum and dad in Immingham.

Connor, 3

Let's hope Connor had a bit of help building this huge snowman in his garden in Doncaster. It's bigger than he is!

Emma's snowman

Emma's dad built her this snowman after she woke him up early on Easter Sunday. Check out his eyes and mouth... They're made from Easter egg wrappers!

Jessica, 9

Talking of Easter eggs... Jessica in St Albans sent us this pic of her tucking into one of hers before she headed off on holiday. Yum!

Jack with his new mate Snowey

Meanwhile, Jack sent us this photo of his new friend, Snowey. He said: "I made him on a cold spring morning. I couldn't wait to get outside to play in the white stuff."

Alex's pile of Easter treats

Check out this huge pile of choccie treats sent in by Alex in Hartlepool. Now comes the hard part Alex... Deciding which one to tuck into first!

Katrina, 11

Katrina's mum was so impressed with her daughter's artistic snowman she took this photo to send in.

Thomas' garden in Southend-on-Sea

Thomas, 12, took this picture of his garden in Southend-on-Sea after it had been snowing for two hours.

Snow in Richmond

And Calli took this photo of the snowy weather in Richmond...

Calli's 8cm-high snowman

There was only a dusting of snow in the garden, but it was enough for Calli to build this 8cm-high snowman before putting it in the freezer to keep cold!

Charlotte, 9, doing an Easter egg hunt

Thankfully the snow in London wasn't heavy enough to stop Charlotte being able to find the goodies on an Easter egg hunt in her garden.

Charlotte, 9, after her Easter egg hunt

And there were more treats waiting for her inside. Look at that fluffy Easter chick!

Lara in her garden

Lara sent us this pic of her in her snow-covered garden and wishes everyone a very happy Easter.

Kids playing in the snow

Loads of you are enjoying a white Easter thanks to the topsy turvy weather. These boys in Liverpool look like they're having a great time. But what's it like where you live?

Easter decorations covered in snow in Germany

We want to see YOUR Easter pics. So if you're enjoying a white Easter, making Easter decorations or just enjoying loads of choccie eggs, send in your pics now!