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Last Updated: Thursday March 20 2008 14:23 GMT

Dentist gives choc eating advice

Boy brushing his teeth

A top dentist says if you're going to be tucking into lots of eggs this Easter it's best to eat it in batches.

A whopping 80 million Easter eggs will be eaten over the holiday - so that's a lot of chocolate to get through!

Chief Dental Officer Barry Cockcroft says it's best to eat chocolate at one time, preferably after a meal, rather than snack on it throughout the day.

That's because every time you eat chocolate - or anything sugary - it makes acid that destroys your teeth.

It's also important to make sure you brush your teeth properly and have regular check-ups at the dentist.

Otherwise instead of visits from the Easter Bunny, you'll be getting more visits from the Tooth Fairy!