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Last Updated: Sunday March 23 2008 10:22 GMT

There should be more Fairtrade Easter eggs

Easter eggs

It's Easter Sunday and traditionally lots of you will be eating chocolate Easter eggs.

But Press Packer Louise thinks there should be more Fairtrade chocolate in shops - especially for kids!

Here's her story.

"Garstang, the town where I go to school, was the world's first Fairtrade town!

My school cafeteria has lots of Fairtrade products and we try to support Fairtrade as much as possible.


I think more Fairtrade products should be available to buy and more people should make the effort to buy them.

However, popular chocolate bars are not Fairtrade.

Most people, particularly children, buy these chocolate bars instead of Fairtrade chocolate.

Also the price of Fairtrade produce is a lot more expensive than normal products so less people will buy it.

More expensive

I contacted my local branch of the big named supermarkets and asked if they had any Fairtrade Easter eggs and how much they were.

Press Packer Louise
I found that not all of them stocked Fairtrade Easter eggs.

If they did, they were a lot more expensive than regular chocolate eggs.

Prices of Fairtrade Easter eggs varied from 4.99 to 9.99.

Normal eggs were available from 99p to 2.99.

Less profit

I don't think the supermarkets are encouraging children to buy Fairtrade Easter eggs or Fairtrade chocolate.

Most children can't afford 9.99 for an Easter egg.

I think supermarkets should charge less, not so the Fairtrade farmers get less money - but the supermarkets make less of a profit.

I think that more chocolate bars for children should be Fairtrade and Fairtrade Easter eggs should not be so expensive and should be more child-orientated."

Louise, 11, Lancashire

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