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Last Updated: Wednesday March 19 2008 13:00 GMT

Man catches own weight in fish

One of the biggest fish caught in the competition

A man's caught a massive fish weighing almost as much as he does, to win a big fishing competition in Africa.

Bello Yakub, 48, wrestled his monster 66kg catch out of the water using just his hands and two flimsy nets during Nigeria's Argungu fishing festival.

Bello's entered the contest more than 30 times before, but this is the first time he's netted the 17,000 top prize.

Incredibly, the whopping fish is not a record - three years ago the winner caught a fish weighing 75kg!

The winner: Bello Yakub  (Pic from: Afolabi Sotunde)
The fish was much bigger than this!
The huge fish are called Giwan Rua, which means "elephant of the water".

More than 20,000 fishermen entered the contest in the northern state of Kebbi, where fishing is only allowed on the two-mile stretch of water once a year.